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"Grand Budapest Hotel' Cover Design
"Grand Budapest Hotel' Cover Design
Giclée Print

This is the outer cover design for the Criterion Collection's 2020 re-release of Wes Anderson's 'Grand Budapest Hotel.' Created in close collaboration with Anderson, the outer cover depicts the moment in the run-down hotel bathhouse when F. Murray Abraham, as the elderly Zero Moustafa, recounts his youthful adventures to Jude Law, as the writer. The character of the writer is influenced by Stefan Zweig, as was the film as a whole, particularly in its use of narrative framing devices such as the bathhouse scene. Above the two characters in their respective tubs, Wes Anderson asked that elements of the film be represented in the manner of a Wiener Werkstatte-style mural, as if the story Moustafa tells is unfolding on the wall behind.

Now available as a signed, limited edition, A2 Giclée print.